The Nobel Committee demonstrates its independence

The leader of the Nobel Committee Kaci Kullmann Five has stated that the Peace Prize to the Chinese dissident and democracy campaigner Liu Xiaobo still stands on firm ground like it did in 2010. She says that the human rights situation in China has not improved. Chinese human rights campaigners are still harassed and imprisoned. She also underlines that the Committee is completely independent of Norwegian authorities.

Nobeliana thinks that the Nobel Committee must hold on to the principles that peace and fraternity among people must be based on international law, democracy and human rights. The Committee must not be influenced by short term national interests. That means that Norwegian authorities will have problems in the future if the Nobel Committee chooses a dissident from a state where Norway has large economic interests.
One way to show that the Norwegian Nobel Committee is independent is that only members of the National Assembly, Stortinget, are present at the ceremonies. In his testament Alfred Nobel trusted the Storting the power to appoint the five members of the Nobel Committee. Accordingly, representatives of the executive power - the King and government officials - should not be present at the ceremonies.