Nobeliana's Favourites 2015. Revised list 8. October

1 ICAN/Sumitero Taniguchi and Setsuko Thurlow
The International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Arms (ICAN) is a world wide organisation for the abolition of nuclear weapons. Nominated by the Norwegian MP Vegard Solhjell.
Sumitero Taniguchi and Setsuko Thurlow survived the nuclear attack on Nagasaki 70 years ago - and who work for the abolition of nuclear weapons. They are both nominated by the International Peace Bureau.
Once again the world must be reminded of the fatal consequences of atomic weapons !

2 Pope Francis
A pope from Latin America. He has made several speeches supporting the unprivileged and called for social justice. Recently he has made a triumphal journey to the US. Pope Francis is nominated to the prize by a Norwegian MP who is a Muslim with immigrant background

3 UNHCR/Angela Merkel
The refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. The UN refugee organisation UNHCR plays an important role in the work for refugees in the Middle East. The organisation has won the Peace Prize twice, but the Red Cross is three times a laureate.
The German chancellor has stood up as a defender of the rights of refugees and opened her country for persecuted people. Nominated by German MPs.

4 Novaya Gazeta/Memorial/Svetlana Gannuskhina

The Novaya Gazeta is one of few independent voices in Russia, and several of its journalists have been killed. Freedom of speech is under pressure in Russia and till now no media has received the Peace Prize.

Memorial is recording and publishing the Soviet Union's totalitarian history, but also monitors human rights in Russia and other post-Soviet states.

Svetlana Gannushkina is a human rights activist on the Council of Memorial famous for her critical voices against the Putin regime.

A prize to the Russian opposition will provoke Putin and possibly irritate some Norwegian politicians and parts of Norwegian business. But it will underline the independence of the Nobel Committee.

5 The peace agreement between the Columbian government and the FARC guerrilla represented by president Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez.
The Nobel Committee as promoter. Such an agreement, facilitated by Norwegians and Cubans, would solve a 50 years old conflict. Latin America has not had a Peace Prize winner since Rigoberta Menchu in 1992. However a final signing of an agreement is meant to take place in March 2016 - so an agreement most likely will be a candidate for the prize in 2016.

6 Denis Mukwege
Mukwege is a doctor who with great personal risk has treated and supported women who have been violated and raped. He has been nominated for several years.

7 Raif Badawi - Saudi Arabia
Badawi has been jailed and sentenced to a thousand lashes for his work for human rights and the freedom of speech.