Mother Teresa becomes a Saint

Mother Teresa (1910-1997) is perhaps the most highly recognized Nobel Peace Prize laureate. On September 4th 2016 Pope Francis made her a saint. In accordance with Catholic faith she has found her place in Heaven as the first Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
Mother Teresa was christened Agnes Gonxha Bojaxihu , born in Skopje, today the capital of Macedonia. Her parents were Catholic Albanians. She had a calling from God, took her wow as a nun and started relief work among poor people in the slums of Calcutta. She built a hospital where the dying could be granted a dignified end to their lives. In 1950 she founded the sister order Missionaries of Charity, which was organized directly under the Vatican, and her relief work expanded quickly. The modest nun, clad in a blue fringed white sari, was soon calling on heads of state the world over. She was a fantastic fundraiser, but her activity was also criticized. Some people saw Mother Teresa as the conservative voice of the Vatican on the issue of family planning, and they claimed that in her hospitals dying people were denied pain-killers in their death throes.
After Mother Teresa's death many people wanted her to be canonized. It demanded that the Pope approved two miracles linked to her. In 2003 Pope John Paul 2. accepted that Mother Teresa when she was alive, had cured a woman from stomach cancer. The second miracle was accepted by Pope Francis in 2015. After her death Mother Teresa had through peoples' prayers cured a Brazilian man from brain cancer.